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Friday, 13 March 2015

Shower Your Baby with Biotique Natural Products

Bio Berry Baby Bubble Bath

Babies love their shower time as they enjoy playing with the bubbles and love the mild fragrance of the bath products. But some baby bath products can be harmful for babies’ delicate skin if they are high in chemical content. Babies have a very gentle and thin skin which is prone to rashes and irritation if you use harsh skincare products for them. That’s why; you must ensure that baby shower products are free of any harsh chemicals, detergent, artificial fragrances, toxins and artificial preservatives which may cause redness or rashes.

Best baby skincare products are made from natural ingredients and work gently on your little one’s skin. While looking for skin care products for your bundle of joy, look for ingredients like almonds, milk, honey etc. which are known for their hydrating properties and are safe to be used on your baby’s skin. You should also consult your pediatrician to know if your child is allergic to a particular ingredient and take his recommendation on the products to be used for daily care of your baby.

Most ideal baby products are gentle, pure and free of any harsh chemicals or artificial substances. You can go for Biotique baby shower products which are not only Pediatrician-approved but are also made of 100% natural and Ayurvedic ingredients. They are made from proven Ayurvedic recipes that work gently on your baby’s skin to make sure that his skin is soft and smooth always.

Biotique’s baby care range consists of shampoos, sunscreen, massage oils, baby lotions and bathe products and is priced quite affordably. Their Bio Berry bubble bath is an amazing product which has a mild fragrance and is 100% soap-free to make sure that your baby’s skin remains protected and hydrated. You can give your little one a delightful bubble bath 1-2 times a week and enjoy a fun parent-child time.

You can also buy their Baby Care collection which includes 6 products for complete care of your little one. The 6 products comprised in this kit are – Bio Almond oil, Bio Honey cream body wash, Bio Green Apple shampoo, Bio Morning Nectar lotion, Bio Milk cream and Bio Basil & Red Sandalwood powder.


  1. Herbal products are always preferred as they have no side effects at all. The baby shower mentioned here seems to be the right choice for the delicate skin of the baby.

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