Friday, 8 May 2015

Get a Perfect Facial with Natural Skincare Products

Bio Anti Tan Facial  Kit

A beautiful skin and radiant glow is desired by everyone. Following a proper skin care regime and indulging in a rejuvenating facial once in a while are 2 important steps to maintain the glow of your skin.
With a daily skincare regime, it is also important that you undergo a facial atleast once in 2 weeks to get rid of dead skin cells and repair any skin damage. Visiting a salon and undergoing a facial treatment can not only be a tiring process but also comes out to be very expensive. If you wish to go for a facial treatment without spending extra money, it is recommended that you indulge in an at-home facial. Various brands offer facial kits with proper instructions and necessary products for doing a facial at home easily
But it is best if you go for a facial kit having natural skincare products for best results. Biotique, a leading Ayurvedic skincare brand, has recently launched 6 new facial kits which have 5 products each essential for a rejuvenating facial. Biotique facial kits are available for all skin types and are customized for different skincare needs.
You can take your pick from the following natural facial kits by Biotique :

  • Bio Anti Tan Facial Kit : Extreme exposure to sun can cause your skin to burn and accumulate tan. To get rid of tanning, you can try Bio Anti Tan kit which consists of Bio White scrub, Bio White Massage Gel, Bio White Pack and Bio White Cream.
    Bio Anti Tan Facial Kit
  • Bio Party Glow Facial Kit : If you wish to have an instant yet radiant glow before an important occasion like a party, you can go for a facial with Bio Party Glow kit which consists of the following products : Bio Papaya scrub, Bio Saffron massage gel, Bio Clove Pack and Bio Saffron Youth Dew cream.
    Bio Party Glow Facial Kit
  • Bio Skin Tightening Facial Kit : Reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and decreasing elasticity of the skin with Bio Skin Tightening kit which consists of Bio Walnut scrub, Bio Quince Seed, Bio Mud pack and Bio Saffron Youth Dew cream.
    Bio Skin Tightening Facial Kit
  • Bio Pearl White Facial Kit : For a pearly white, spotless complexion, go for Bio Pearl White kit which is rich in Pearl Bhasma and has the following products : Face Scrub, Massage Gel, Face Pack and Face cream.
    Bio Pearl White Facial Kit
  • Bio Gold Radiance Facial  Kit : Get a beautiful smooth skin and youthful glow with Bio Gold Radiance kit which is rich in Gold Bhasma and consists of Face Scrub, Massage gel, Peel off mask and Face cream.
    Bio Gold Radiance Facial  Kit

  • Bio Diamond Facial Kit : For a smooth, clear and bright skin, you can pick Bio Diamond kit with Diamond Bhasma that has the following products : Face Scrub, Massage Gel, Face mask and face cream.
    Bio Diamond Facial Kit

All the kits also contain a Swiss Magic Dark Spot corrector which helps give you a clear, blemish-free skin.