Saturday, 25 April 2015

Natural hair care products for Dry and Damaged Hair

Beautiful and healthy tresses are desired by everyone. Hair can either make or break your look, therefore it is essential that your hair always look and feel good. Treating your hair with chemicals, over styling them with heat products or long exposure to sun can damage your locks, and make them dry and brittle. If you are also facing the same issue this summer, you need to take steps to ensure your locks look shiny and healthy.

You can make your way to healthy and beautiful locks by bringing a change in your hair care routine. If you have been using chemical-based products or products made using artificial ingredients, it’s time that you switch to natural hair care products. Products that are made using natural ingredients help maintain the health of your tresses and keep them soft and smooth.

Go for a brand that offers 100% natural products that are approved by Dermatologists and do not contain any chemicals. You can choose Biotique  hair care range which is made from proven Ayurvedic recipes that are known to promote healthy hair. Biotique offers different products for all hair types like oily scalp, dry & damaged hair, grey hair etc.

For dry and damaged hair, it is best that you use Biotique organic hair care products like Bio Soya Protein shampoo, Bio Watercress conditioner, Bio Almond & Cashew serum and Bio Flame of the Forest oil. These products are also suitable for color-treated, permed or straightened hair.

Here are some amazing features of these products :

Bio Soya Protein shampoo

Bio Soya Protein shampoo – Cleanse your dry or color treated hair with Bio Soya Protein shampoo which is rich in ingredients like pure soya bean protein, berberry and wild tumeric extracts that wash away impurities from the scalp without disturbing its natural pH balance.
Bio Watercress conditioner

Bio Watercress conditioner For tresses which are soft, smooth and shiny, use Bio Watercress conditioner which has a nourishing formula rich in pure watercress, tomato, carrot and other nourishing ingredients. It also helps keep perm in place and is suitable for straightened or colored hair.

Bio Almond & Cashew serum

Bio Almond & Cashew serum – After conditioning your hair, applying a serum is really important to lock in the moisture and form a protective seal. This serum has the amazing properties of almonds & cashews that nourish your tresess.

Bio Flame of the Forest oil

Bio Flame of the Forest oil – Oiling your hair once a week is a must for deep conditioning of your tresses and repair the lost moisture. Use Bio Flame of the Forest oil to promote a healthy shine and luster. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Summer Hair Care – How to Keep your Hair Healthy

Who doesn’t want beautiful and healthy hair in summer? With exposure to long hours of scorching sun, your hair can end up looking limp and dull. Therefore, it is essential that you give your locks best protection and care this summer.

Harmful Effects of Sunrays

Sun can damage your hair really badly as it takes away the moisture and natural oils from your scalp, causing brittle ends and making your tresses lifeless. Sweat and dust in this weather also end up causing issues like dandruff, split ends, greasy scalp and more. 
Sunburn can also affect your scalp negatively by causing dryness and itching with visible flakes. Extreme exposure to sun in summers also affects colored hair negatively as sunrays can cause fading of color.

That’s why you should make sure that you avoid going out in the sun for long hours and use products that will protect your locks from the sun. It is best that you use Ayurvedic Hair Care products for your tresses that will provide natural care to your tresses, and repair any damage caused from roots to tips.

Here are few tips on how you can keep your hair healthy this summer :
  • Avoid Heating Tools: As your locks would already be going through a lot this summer, it is best that you do not treat them chemically or over heat them with styling tools like hair dryer, straightener etc.

  • Dry your Locks Naturally: Using a hair dryer to dry your hair after washing can make them dry and also cause split ends. It is advisable to towel dry your hair lightly and let them dry on their own. If you need to dry them immediately, make sure that you use the hair dryer at a Cool mode rather than at the Heat mode.
  • Condition Your Hair : A hair conditioner not only makes your hair soft & smooth after shampooing, but also forms a protective layer on your tresses, giving them protection against sun and pollution
  • Use Ayurvedic Hair Care Products: Products made from natural ingredients have no side effects and give your hair a soft, fuller look naturally. You can choose Biotique hair care range which is made using proven Ayurvedic recipes and 100% natural ingredients suitable for all hair types.
  • Hydrate Yourself: Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and to make way for healthy and beautiful locks.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Best Baby Shampoo to Keep your Baby’s Hair Soft & Shiny

Bio Green Apple Baby Shampoo

When babies are born they have a little or almost no hair which is really soft and smooth. Caressing your baby’s hair and skin is a parent’s favorite pastime and also a way of showing their affection to the little ones. But if you wish to keep your baby’s hair soft and healthy for long, you must take a proper care to maintain your baby’s locks. The key to keeping your little ones locks healthy is by using right baby care products that will keep their hair strong and smooth.

The first step to keeping your baby’s locks soft is by using an organic baby shampoo that is made using natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your baby’s hair. A natural baby shampoo is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients that may irritate your angel’s sensitive eyes and cause irritation in the scalp.
You can pick a Pediatrician-approved shampoo like Bio Green Apple shampoo by Biotique which is a 100% soap-free shampoo that is perfect to cleanse your little one’s scalp and hair. This natural baby shampoo is rich in ingredients like pure green apple extracts, sea algae and centella that act gently on your baby’s scalp and wash away impurities without causing dryness. It has a tear proof formula which would not cause any irritation if it gets in contact with your little one’s eyes.

To use Bio Green Apple shampoo, you should first wet your baby’s scalp and locks with lukewarm water using a washcloth or gently with hands. Take a small amount of the shampoo in your hands or in a loofah and massage gently to form a light lather. Rinse it off carefully with clean water without getting any product into your angel’s eyes.

Post shampooing, dry your baby’s scalp with a soft towel and wrap him up in a soft blanket so that he doesn’t catch any cold. Avoid taking him outdoors with wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your baby’s hair and remove any tangles or knots gently to ensure that your baby’s locks remain soft and smooth.  

Friday, 10 April 2015

Give a Delightful Bath to your Baby this Summer

Bio Berry baby bubble bath

Bath time is the best time for a baby undoubtedly as it makes for a fun session for parent-child bonding. A happy, delightful bath would not only relax your little one but can also put him in mood for a sound sleep. While preparing a bathe for your baby, make sure you choose baby friendly products which do not cause any harm to his sensitive skin.

Biotique is a leading skincare brand in the market which offers various skincare and haircare products. They also offer baby care products that are not only 100% Ayurvedic but also Pediatrician-approved. Biotique baby bath products are made from natural ingredients that work gently on your little one’s skin and do not cause any side effects. You can use Biotique baby products on babies as young as a newborn as they are specially formulated for infant skin.

Biotique baby care range includes shampoos, soaps, body wash, massage oil, sunscreen, body lotion and many other products perfect for complete skin care of your little one. If you are looking for the best Biotique baby bath products then you can go for Bio Almond oil baby soap which is a nourishing soap good for a baby’s skin. Almonds are known to be rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which nurture your little one’s skin from within. Blended with other nutrient ingredients like margosa and coconut oils, tumeric and wild turmeric, Bio Almond oil baby soap cleanses your child’s skin thoroughly without causing any dryness or irritation.

If your baby loves bubbles and light foam, you can pamper him with a bubble bath with the Bio Berry 100% Soap free bubble bath. Perfect for both parent and baby, this product features amazing ingredients like wild berries, sandalwood oil, honey and aloe vera that blend together to form a nourishing, pH balanced formula fit for your baby’s skin.

If you are looking for more Biotique baby bath products, you can shop for Bio Honey Cream body wash, Bio Morning Nectar lotion and Bio Basil & Red Sandalwood body powder.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How to Choose Best Baby-Friendly Shampoo

Bio Green Apple Baby Shampoo

Most babies love their bath time as they love to play with the bubbles and enjoy a bonding session with their parents. An important aspect of bathing your baby is choosing the right skincare products which are suitable for their delicate and sensitive skin. Any product having harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients can easily cause rashes and irritation to your little one’s skin.

The best way to make bath time pleasant for your baby is by choosing baby-friendly products which are made from natural ingredients. Natural baby shampoo and soaps feature a mild formula which is gentle on your child’s skin and helps cleanse their hair and body without causing any skin damage.

Today, many brands offer products specially formulated for new borns and toddlers, which are made from naturally sourced ingredients and preservatives. If you are confused about which natural baby shampoo to pick for your little one, you can consult your pediatrician or do a thorough research online. You can also choose Bio Green Apple baby shampoo offered by Biotique which is Pediatrician-approved, is made from 100% Ayurvedic ingredients and is free from any skin irritants. Biotique  products are known for their healing properties and are made using proven Ayurvedic recipes. Their baby shampoo has a tearproof formula which features a rich blend of pure green apple extracts, sea algae and centella that gently cleanse your baby’s scalp and hair, without causing any irritation or dryness. 

This pH balanced formula leaves your baby’s hair feeling soft and shiny, giving him a refreshed feel. You can use Bio Green Apple shampoo once a week for your newborn baby and twice a week for older babies. Make sure you shampoo your little one’s hair carefully, avoiding any shampoo to get into his eyes. Though with its tear-free formula, even if a small amount of product goes into your baby’s eyes accidentally, it would not cause any damage. 

Biotique products are available at both offline and online stores and can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home and delivered internationally. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tips to Give your Baby a Delightful Bath

Your baby’s bathe time should be fun, stress-free and delightful both for child and parent. If you are giving your baby a bath for the first time, you might be a little tensed about if your little one is comfortable with the experience. Fret not as we have got you covered with these expert tips on how to give your baby a safe and fun bath :
  • Make sure the water you use is lukewarm as your child might catch cold if you give him a bath with water too hot or too cold to his pleasure.
  • Give him a sponge bath if he is only a few days old. Once he gets used to his sponge bath, start preparing things to give him a tub bath. 
  • Fill the bath tub with lukewarm water and check the temperature with your hands if it’s normal.
  • You can add a bubble wash like Bio Berry 100% Soap-free Bubble bath product to the bathtub to have a fun bonding session with your little one over a bathe.    

    Bio Berry 100% Soap-free Bubble bath

  • If you think your baby is not yet ready for a bubble bath, you can try baby bathing by soap and shampoo. 
  • Use only a natural product to wash your baby’s skin and hair which are delicate and thin. 
  • Biotique offers natural and Pediatrician-approved baby care products which are perfect for your baby’s skin, keeping it soft, smooth and protected.
  • You can use Bio Almond oil soap which is a soothing product to cleanse your baby’s skin without disturbing the natural pH level of his skin. 
  • To wash your baby’s hair, wet it by using a soft washcloth or sponge. Use a mild shampoo like Bio Green Apple baby shampoo which is 100% soap-free and works gently on your little one’s scalp. 
  • Rinse off his body and hair well with lukewarm water carefully while protecting his eyes from the soapy water. 
  • After the bath, quickly cover him up in a soft towel and dry his skin and hair well. Use a moisturizer to nurture and protect his skin.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your baby has a comfortable bath that will also keep you stress-free.