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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Natural hair care products for Dry and Damaged Hair

Beautiful and healthy tresses are desired by everyone. Hair can either make or break your look, therefore it is essential that your hair always look and feel good. Treating your hair with chemicals, over styling them with heat products or long exposure to sun can damage your locks, and make them dry and brittle. If you are also facing the same issue this summer, you need to take steps to ensure your locks look shiny and healthy.

You can make your way to healthy and beautiful locks by bringing a change in your hair care routine. If you have been using chemical-based products or products made using artificial ingredients, it’s time that you switch to natural hair care products. Products that are made using natural ingredients help maintain the health of your tresses and keep them soft and smooth.

Go for a brand that offers 100% natural products that are approved by Dermatologists and do not contain any chemicals. You can choose Biotique  hair care range which is made from proven Ayurvedic recipes that are known to promote healthy hair. Biotique offers different products for all hair types like oily scalp, dry & damaged hair, grey hair etc.

For dry and damaged hair, it is best that you use Biotique organic hair care products like Bio Soya Protein shampoo, Bio Watercress conditioner, Bio Almond & Cashew serum and Bio Flame of the Forest oil. These products are also suitable for color-treated, permed or straightened hair.

Here are some amazing features of these products :

Bio Soya Protein shampoo

Bio Soya Protein shampoo – Cleanse your dry or color treated hair with Bio Soya Protein shampoo which is rich in ingredients like pure soya bean protein, berberry and wild tumeric extracts that wash away impurities from the scalp without disturbing its natural pH balance.
Bio Watercress conditioner

Bio Watercress conditioner For tresses which are soft, smooth and shiny, use Bio Watercress conditioner which has a nourishing formula rich in pure watercress, tomato, carrot and other nourishing ingredients. It also helps keep perm in place and is suitable for straightened or colored hair.

Bio Almond & Cashew serum

Bio Almond & Cashew serum – After conditioning your hair, applying a serum is really important to lock in the moisture and form a protective seal. This serum has the amazing properties of almonds & cashews that nourish your tresess.

Bio Flame of the Forest oil

Bio Flame of the Forest oil – Oiling your hair once a week is a must for deep conditioning of your tresses and repair the lost moisture. Use Bio Flame of the Forest oil to promote a healthy shine and luster. 


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