Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Biotique-Best Natural Soap for Newborns

Bio Almond Oil Nourishing Baby Soap

When your little bundle of joy comes to this world, you become very conscious and careful about his health. The most important organ of your baby’s body which is exposed to the environment and needs to be protected the most is his skin. A newborn’s skin keeps changing in color and texture, and only takes a permanent skin tone till he is six months old. 

Therefore, during this period it is very important to give his skin the best care and protection. While it is really essential to massage his skin and keep it moisturized, it is also important to wash his body skin atleast on alternate days to remove all impurities and give him thorough cleansing.

Using any harsh soaps or products which contain chemicals, artificial fragrances etc. can harm the gentle skin of your little one and make it prone to skin irritation or redness. You should always choose a natural soap which is Pediatrician approved and made specifically for your newborn’s delicate skin.

Biotique Almond oil baby soap is specially formulated to cleanse your baby’s skin thoroughly without disturbing skin’s natural pH balance. Almonds are naturally known to be an excellent source of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants that help in the proper growth and development of your child. Bio Almond oil baby soap is blended with pure almonds, nourishing almond, margosa and coconut oils, mixed with tumeric and wild turmeric to make a formula which is good for your baby.

It also contains pure fruit and vegetable extracts that help nourish and pamper your child’s skin and keep it protected from any irritation, redness or allergy.You can use Bio Almond oil soap daily or as required to cleanse baby’s skin.It is recommended to bathe your newborn baby only 2-3 times a week, while you can give him a bath daily once he is six months old.

Do not forget to moisturize his skin properly after a bath with Bio Morning Nectar baby lotion to nurture and protect your little one.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

How To Choose Best Hair Oil for Your Hair

Biotique Bhringraj  Hair Oil

Hair is one part of your body which can totally make or break your look. Well-maintained, healthy and strong hair is desired by everyone, and makes one’s personality really strong. If you also want to get compliments from everyone for your beautiful hair, it’s important that you take equally good care for your hair.

Maintaining healthy tresses is not a tough job if you follow a proper haircare regime and use products suitable for your hair type. If you go looking out for the best hair care products, you will find a lot of brands selling different varieties of oils, shampoos, conditioners etc. But choosing from such a vast range could be really confusing for some people.

It is best to buy Hair Oil online to save your time and energy. Many renowned brands like Biotique are now selling online through various online shopping websites and their in-house e-commerce portal.

The first step to choosing a good hair oil for you is by determining your hair type. You can feel the texture of your hair and scalp and determine at home if you have a dry, oily or fine hair. The next step would be to see if you are facing any hair concerns like hairfall, dandruff, premature greying etc. or if you have got your hair chemically treated. The next step is to fix a haircare regime for you. If you have dry hair, you can wash your face 1-2times a week but if you have a very oily scalp, you may need to wash it every alternate day.

After determining your hair type, you should select a hair oil, shampoo and conditioner for your daily hair care regime and a hair pack for your weekly regime. It is recommended to go for a best natural hair oil like Biotique Bio Bhringraj oil which is 100% Ayurvedic and helps promote healthy hair. Biotique Bhringraj oil is a therapeutic hair oil which prevents hairfall and helps strengthen your tresses by nourishing them from root to tips.

No matter, which hair oil you choose for yourself, make sure it is made from natural ingredients and free of any harmful chemicals that might cause hair loss or damage to your mane. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Biotique Mud Face Pack for Ageless Skin

Bio Mud revitalizing face pack

Youthful and ageless skin is desired by everyone. And as they say there are no shortcuts to success, there is also no shortcut to looking good. A youthful skin depends on your diet, lifestyle habits, skincare choices and much more. You can get a beautiful, glowing skin by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making wise choices when it comes to your beauty regime.

You do not need beauty products and cosmetic surgeries to get an ageless skin if you are using natural skincare products that are right for your skin and following a proper regime.

To prevent early ageing of skin, we recommend using Bio Mud Face pack which is an amazing product from Biotique. Biotique Mud face pack is a Ayurvedic product which is made using mud ie. multani mitti. Multani Mitti is a powerful Ayurvedic ingredient which is known to naturally tone skin and make way for a firmer skin. Bio Mud revitalizing face pack features a healthy blend of magnesium, calcium and iodine mineral salts, and essential oils of basil, geranium, lavender and peppermint that make a powerful formula that helps fight various signs of ageing.

Regular use of Bio Mud revitalizing face pack helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles that steal the natural beauty of your skin.You can use Bio Mud Face pack 2-3 times every week for effective results in few simple steps : Cleanse your face and apply a thick layer of the pack evenly all over your face and neck. Leave it on to dry for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off well with water.

Follow it up by applying Bio Dandelion serum and then apply a moisturizer for better results. Along with the regular use of this face pack, make sure that you also follow these simple tips to get a younger looking skin –
  1. Moisturize your Skin daily – Apply a moisturizer daily, day and night, to keep your skin healthy and nourished.
  2. Drink plenty of water – Drink at least 7 to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin well hydrated.
  3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables – Make sure you include a lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in your diet daily that will not only keep you healthy but also add a natural glow to your skin.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Get Mesmerizing Eyes This Valentine with Bio Kaajal

Biotique Bio Kaajal

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and you all must be busy planning your outfit, accessories and gifts for this fun day. While you get dressed up in your favorite attire, new shoes and accessories; what will make you stand out in the crowd is your beautiful skin. To highlight your radiant skin, you can use an eye liner or kajal to brighten your eyes and be the center of attention of your loved one.

There are many brands in the market who offer kajals and eyeliners, but not every product is suitable for your skin. Kajal or kohl is generally made using lead and other harmful chemicals to add to the intensity of its color. Therefore, you should make sure you choose best herbal kaajal so that you do not end up having swollen or puffy eyes on the V-day.

Biotique is one brand which makes products with proven recipes of Ayurveda and uses only 100% natural ingredients in its products. The brand offers a wide range of natural skincare, haircare and body products, which are packaged in recyclable containers, are skin-safe and are reasonably priced.

Biotique Bio Kaajal is a remarkable product which helps you get beautiful eyes that brighten your face and give you a stunning look. Biotique natural kajal is made in a traditional manner and features a natural blend of pure sesame oil, sweet almond oil and extracts of eclipta alba, indian gooseberry and berberis aristata that are powerful Ayurvedic ingredients having various medicinal properties. The goodness of these ingredients makes sure that your eyes are safe and are free from any side effects. This natural kajal prevents your eyes from redness or irritation while helping promote growth of eyelashes.

With stunning eyes and naturally long eye lashes, you will certainly look like a diva and mesmerize your loved one with your natural beauty. Go for a simple look by highlighting your lower eyelid with Bio Kaajal or go for a more dramatic look by intensifying the kajal on your lower as well as the upper lid.

Make sure you don’t let go your precious smile and self-confidence while you go for a date with your Valentine.