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Monday, 30 March 2015

Best Natural Body Wash for Kids

Bio Honey Cream Baby Body Wash

Being a parent is the best thing that can happen in your lives, as not only a new member becomes part of your life but also you get to love him to the core. Taking care of your baby means giving him the best not only in nutrition but also in skin care.  When it comes to skin care of your precious child, make sure that you use natural and herbal products that are made using organic ingredients.

A baby’s skin is really thin and delicate, and using any harsh or chemical-based products can cause damage to their skin, causing rashes or allergy. It is best to choose natural products for your little one’s skin which are Pediatrician-approved and are skin-friendly.

If you are looking for a good body wash to bathe your little one while keeping his skin protected, you can go for Biotique products which are 100% Ayurvedic. Biotique Baby body wash is 100% natural, soap-free and safe for baby’s skin. Biotique offers Bio Honey Cream body wash which features a rich blend of pure honey, aloe vera, manjishtha, nutgalls carrot and sandalwood that are known for their skin healing and softening properties.

A bathe with Bio Honey Cream body wash will effectively remove impurities from your little one’s skin without disturbing the natural pH balance and without causing any dryness or irritation. It softens baby’s skin and nourishes it deeply.

You can use Biotique baby body wash with a soft loofah or washcloth on your baby’s wet skin and rub it gently to form a little lather. You should rinse off the foam well with lukewarm water and dry your little one’s skin with a soft towel. Moisturize his skin post a shower with Bio Morning Nectar baby lotion and clothe him well to avoid catching any cold or irritation.

Bio Honey Cream baby body wash can be used for newborns 1-2 times a week and can be used daily for toddlers and kids. It comes in at travel-friendly pack and is available at many retails stores and official e-store of Biotique. 


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