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Friday, 20 March 2015

Essential Baby Products to Have in Your Diaper Bag


If you are a new parent, you would understand the importance of carrying a diaper bag wherever you go along with your baby. A diaper bag including all the essential products for your baby can save both time and energy for you when you are outdoors with your little one. Depending upon how old your child is, you can stock your diaper bag with the required products.

Here we have prepared a list of products that you must keep in your baby’s diaper bag –
First of all you need to buy a spacious travel bag which can easily stock all the important products you might need for your child’s care. You can pick a duffel bag with shoulder straps that would be easy to carry around.

The first item you would need to carry along in the bag would be a kit of baby diapers. You should ideally keep few extra diapers as you never know how many your child might need to change. Next, you need to keep natural baby wipes which are not only helpful during diaper changes but also would help clean dirty areas or wipe hands.

You should also keep a hand sanitizer or a hand wash to keep your hands clean on the go. Also, carry along plastic or disposable carry bags to store clothes, spoiled diapers and/or other baby essentials. You would also need to carry milk bottle, water sipper and some snacks that your child might need when he is hungry over a long trip.

For your baby’s skincare, you should keep along a sunblock, moisturizing cream and diaper rash cream. Changing diapers often can cause rashes or irritation to your baby’s skin. That’s when a diaper rash cream like Biotique Bio Bael which helps heal your baby’s skin of any redness or rashes, and keep it soft and smooth.

You can use Bio Aloe Vera sunblock with SPF 20 to protect your little one’s delicate skin from harmful sunrays and sunburn.   Too much sun exposure or staying outdoors for long can dry out your child’s skin. Therefore, you should keep Biotique Bio morning nectar baby lotion in your diaper bag to apply it on your baby’s skin and keep it nourished and pampered all over.

Apart from these products, you can also keep a first aid kit, a small toy and nursing cover that you might need when you are outdoors.


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