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Monday, 15 December 2014

Points to Remember when Shopping for Baby Care Products

Biotique baby care products

A baby’s skin is not only delicate but also very sensitive in the growing years. Therefore it becomes really important to buy only the best and high quality baby  care products for your little one to keep his skin soft and smooth. While buying baby care products you need to focus on many things, but mainly you should pay attention to the ingredients used and if they help nourish baby’s skin.
If you are a new parent and still confused about what products would suit your baby the best, you should follow these simple tips to understand what’s best for your little one –
  1. Natural Ingredients – You should go for skincare brands which offer products made using natural ingredients as they are safe for your baby’s skin. Choose a skincare brand like Biotique which offers Ayurvedic products that nourish your child’s skin, heal it from within and help in his growth and development.

    Biotique natural babycare products are rich in ingredients like aloe vera, wheat germ, almond oil etc. that are known for their nutritious properties and amazing features that keep baby’s skin soft and smooth.

2.   Sun Protection – It is really important to keep your child protected from the sunrays as they can do a lot of harm to baby’s delicate skin. Biotique’s Bio Aloe Vera sun block helps keep his skin nourished while protecting him from damage caused by harmful sunrays with its SPF 30 UVA/UVB sunscreen.

3.   Tear proof products – Products like shampoos and shower gels contain chemicals which might harm your little one’s eyes and cause tears. You can go for tear-proof products from Biotique like Bio Green Apple shampoo which has a 100% soap free formula blended with pure green apple extract, sea algae and centella to clean your child’s hair and scalp gently, without causing tears or any irritation.

4.   Massage – Daily massaging your little one’s skin with Bio Almond oil will not only help in his growth but also pamper him to the core and would get you closer to your baby. The nourishing oil is rich in almond, margosa and coconut oils, mixed with turmeric and wild turmeric, and help ease the baby into sleep.  

Biotique natural baby care products are available at many offline and online stores and are easily available. You can also shop for these products from their website and get them delivered to your doorsteps.


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