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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Delight Your Baby with a Fun Bubble Bath


Bubble baths are a great way to connect with your little one while pampering his delicate skin. Your child would be able to enjoy a bubble bath in a better way if he is 2-3 years old or older than that. 

You can include floating toys, balloons and natural colors to the bathtub to make the bath time more delightful for your kid. But before taking your baby for a bubble bath, you should make sure if he is ready enough for it. The first thing you need to ensure is that the baby bubble bath product is free of chemicals and any toxins that may harm your child’s skin. Many chemicals used in bath products are known to cause skin allergies and irritation. Therefore, you should choose a natural baby bubble bath like Biotique Bio Berry which is 100% natural and safe for your baby’s skin.

Bio Berry has a gentle, 100% soap-free formula which is rich in wild berries, sandalwood oil, honey and aloe vera that nourishes your baby’s body while giving him a comfortable feeling. Its pH-balanced formula helps refresh your baby and enables him spend a fun time with you in the bath. The light foaming bubble bath ensures that it doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or allergy to your little one’s soft skin.

It is also very easy to use Bio Berry bubble bath. You just have to pour the required amount of the product in a bathtub under lukewarm running water until the bathtub is full. Make sure to pay extra attention to your baby when he is in the bathtub so that he doesn’t hurt himself or doesn’t get the formula inside his eyes.

You can also add baby-safe toys that do not contain any harmful chemicals to the bathtub to make your little one enjoy his bath time a lot more. After the bath, rinse off your baby’s skin well with water and towel dry him. Apply Bio Morning Nectar baby lotion afterwards to hydrate and moisturize your child’s skin. The light-weight lotion consists of pure honey, wheat germ and seaweed that thoroughly nourish his skin, making it soft and smooth.


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