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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Biotique Best Massage Oils for Kids


Massaging your baby’s skin every day is a healthy way to keep his skin soft and smooth. Baby massage also helps ease your little one’s tummy troubles, relax him, boost his muscle development and ease him to sleep. A gentle massage and a tender touch also helps you bond well with your kid and reduce crying or irritation. 

You should make a body massage a part of your baby’s daily routine so that he starts enjoying this bonding session with his parent.  Make sure you choose a time when your baby is neither too hungry nor too full, so that the massage gives him a calming and relaxing feel.

Choose an area where your baby feels the most comfortable, it can be your bed, a soft rug, changing table or a well cushioned sofa. Do ensure that the environment of the room is warm so that your baby doesn’t catch a chill while he is getting a massage.
If your baby starts crying or frowning when you are giving him a massage, which means he is not in a mood or is not feeling well. Give him a massage only when he feels cheerful and happy.

Use only gentle strokes and movements to make sure that the massage is not overpowered. A gentle massage will stimulate his central nervous system and will help him sleep more peacefully.

If you are not sure about which oils to choose for your precious one, then you should always go for natural baby massage oil which is made from organic or Ayurvedic ingredients.Biotique baby massage oils are known to be 100% natural and skin-friendly for a new born and toddler’s skin.

Biotique offers two massage oils which are best suitable for baby’s skin – Bio Wheat Germ oil and Bio Almond oil.

Bio Wheat Germ oil has a nourishing formula which is formulated with pure wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils, and extracts of carrot and galangal , that helps relieve your baby’s skin from diaper rashes and soothe him to day and night.

Bio Almond oil features a rich formula of nourishing almond, margosa and coconut oils, mixed with turmeric and wild turmeric that keeps your little one’s skin healthy and soft. A regular massage with Bio Almond oil will help in the growth and development of your baby while encouraging a parent-child bond.

Biotique baby massage oils are available at both offline and online stores, and can also be purchased from the exclusive website of Biotique from where you can choose to pay Cash on Delivery and get the goods delivered at your doorsteps.


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