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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tips and Tricks to use Biotique Kaajal

Bio Kaajal

It is rightly said that beautiful eyes can make anyone look charming and desirable. And no you don’t need makeup to brighten up your face as you could get a glamorous look with a simple Kajal stick. A natural kajal can not only instantly glam up your eyes but also has many medicinal properties which makes it a must-have product in your vanity kit.

The market is full of dozens of brands offering various eyeliners and Kohl products, but it is best to go for a Kajal which is derived with the ancient Ayurvedic composition. One such kohl product which would be perfect for you is Biotique’s Bio Kaajal which is a natural kaajal that has medicinal properties as well as works well to highlight eyes.

The most common way of using Bio Kaajal is applying it from the inner rim of your lower eyelid to the outer rim. This application is famous in many countries like India, Pakistan and various Arab countries, and is used by kids and elders alike. But with time trends change and kajal is no more used just because of traditional customs and has become an essential part of a girl’s makeup routine.

Here are some other amazing tips on how to use Bio Kaajal
  1. Get a Smokey eye look with your kajal – Apply Bio Kaajal on your lower eyelid – starting from the inner rim and extending it to the outer rim. Form a thicker line and repeat the same method to your upper eyelid. Now, form a V towards the outer rim of your upper eyelid and smudge the kajal using a brush or fingertips. This will create an instant Smokey eye effect which is perfect when you are getting ready for a party or function.
  2.  Get a Winged eye look – Apply the Bio Kaajal on your upper eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner, and then extend the liner upwards towards the upward curve of your eye. This would create a winged eye liner which is a cute look for an effortless style.
Make sure you do not share your kajal with someone else as it used quite close to the eyes, and sharing it can cause eye infection, redness or irritation.
Biotique Bio Kaajal comes in a travel-friendly packaging which can be easily carried in your jeans’ pockets or wallet.

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