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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Biotique Best Natural Bath Products for Babies

Bio Honey Cream baby body wash 

When it comes to taking care of your baby, you want to use nothing but the very best. The markets are full of baby products from various popular and new brands. But choosing the best out of the lot can be a difficult task.

When it comes to skincare for your baby, it is always advised to do a proper research and choose products which are specially formulated to suit your little one’s delicate skin. If you still haven’t found the best products for your little one, you must give a try to these tried-and-tested natural baby bath products –
  1. Bio Honey Cream baby wash – This 100% soap-free gentle mommy and baby body wash has a formula rich in natural ingredients like pure honey, aloe vera, manjishtha, nutgalls carrot and sandalwood.
    This natural body wash cleanses your little one’s skin and helps remove impurities without causing any dryness or irritation. It is also rich in other ingredients like Ashwagandha, Ritha and Coconut oil which are rich in anti-oxidants and act as a natural cleansing agent. You can use this body wash with your finger tips or a soft washcloth on your baby’s body with warm water. Rinse thoroughly with water and moisturize your child’s skin with Bio Morning Nectar after bath.
  2. Bio Berry Bubble bath – Once in a while you should indulge and pamper your baby with a bubble bath. Use Bio Berry 100% Soap free bubble bath which blends wild berries, sandalwood oil, honey and aloe vera, to you and your child a fun bath time. It has a light-foaming and pH balanced formula which refreshes your baby’s skin and keeps it soft and smooth.
    It is also rich in ingredients like Tesu, Carrot, Banhaldi etc. which help keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. You can use Bio Berry by pouring a generous amount of the bubble bath in a bath tub directly under warm water until the bath tub is full. Post the bubble bath, rinse off your baby’s skin with warm water and moisturize with Bio Almond oil.
  3. Bio Almond Oil soap – Almonds are known for their many nutritious properties and they are also rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. This nourishing baby soap is rich in almond, margosa and coconut oils, and further mixed with tumeric and wild turmeric that help cleanse your baby’s skin without disturbing the natural pH balance of the skin. Follow it up by hydrating and protecting your child’s skin with Bio Milk cream


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