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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Biotique Best Moisturizing Creams for Autumn Winter

Bio Morning Nectar lotion

Winters are here in full swing and it’s time not only to alter your wardrobe with the seasonal changes but also to alter your skincare routine. The harsh cold weather tends to dry out your skin a lot; therefore it’s necessary to keep your skin well moisturized throughout the day.
Using natural and organic products for your skin is the best way to keep it healthy and beautiful this season. If you are confused about which products to choose for your skin this winter, then take your pick from this list of our favorite moisturizing creams from Biotique –

  1. Bio Morning Nectar lotion – Those people who do not like the sticky feel of a cream should check out the Bio Morning Nectar lotion by Biotique which has the goodness of pure honey, wheatgerm and seaweed that sink deep into your skin to replenish the lost moisture and make way for a flawless and beautiful skin. If you also want sun protection along with the moisturizing benefit, go for its sunscreen variant which comes with a SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.
  2. Bio Coconut cream – This cream rich in pure virgin coconut, dandelion and manjishtha helps reduce dark spots and blemishes, making way for a soft and smooth skin.
  3. Bio Saffron Dew cream – If you are looking for a light moisturizer for daily skincare, you should go for Bio Saffron dew nourishing cream which is blended with natural ingredients like pure saffron, almond and pistachio oils, as well as turmeric and wild turmeric extracts, that have natural properties of hydrating your skin well and giving it a youthful look.
  4. Bio Wheat Germ cream – In winters you need a separate night cream to moisturize and heal your skin while you sleep. Bio Wheat Germ night cream works on your skin overnight to strengthen your skin and enrich it with the goodness of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and extracts of carrot and galangal. The main ingredients pure wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils have natural nurturing and nourishing properties that work well to pamper your skin.

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