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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Goodness of Ayurveda For Babies with Biotiuqe Baby Care Collection

Biotiuqe Baby Care Collection

New born babies and toddlers have a very sensitive skin which has to be dealt with carefully. Using harsh products or products made from artificial substances can cause damage to your little one’s delicate skin.
Therefore, you should ensure that you nurture and protect your baby’s skin with only the best skincare products available in the market. It is recommended by experts to use natural skincare products for babies as they are free from chemicals and help strengthen and nourish their skin.
If you are confused which products to choose for your baby’s skin, you should look no farther than Biotique which as an Indian Ayurvedic brand offering a wide variety of products for men, women and kids.
Their baby care range includes products that would help rejuvenate your baby’s skin from head to toe and help keep it soft and smooth. Here are few amazing products from their babycare range which you can choose for your baby’s complete skin care and protection –
  1. Bio Milk baby cream – Made using milk protein, wheat germ, almond oil, honey and seaweed, this nurturing cream serves as a blanket to your baby’s skin and prevents it from dryness and irritation to make him feel pampered.
  2. Bio Green Apple shampoo – This 100% soap-free formula is perfect to cleanse your baby’s scalp and hair without causing any irritation or damage to his sensitive eyes.
  3. Bio Almond oil soap – Give a nourishing bath to your baby everyday with Bio Almond oil soap which has the goodness of almond, margosa and coconut oils, mixed with tumeric and wild turmeric to remove impurities from your baby’s skin and maintain his skin’s natural pH balance.
  4. Bio Berry bubble bath – Once in a while give your baby a fun-filled bubble bath with Bio Berry which has a 100% soap free formula that will also make for a delightful bath time for both baby and mommy.
  5. Bio Aloe Vera sunscreen – Harmful sun rays can also cause damage your baby’s skin and this natural sunscreen lotion with SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection helps protect your baby (6 months or older) from sun damage.
You can also shop for the Biotique baby care collection which comprises of 6 essential products for the complete protection of your baby’s skin and hair from head to toe. This kit can also be purchased from their website and you can get it delivered at your doorsteps hassle-free. 


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