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Monday, 8 September 2014

Best Natural Biotique Soaps to Buy Online

BioBasil & Parsley soap


When you pay a lot of attention to choose the best skincare products and beauty products for yourself, why settle down for an ordinary soap when it comes to care of your body?

Products made from chemicals and synthetic preservatives are not only harsh on your skin but can also cause skin damage like dryness, irritation etc. The best way to protect your skin from dryness and make it soft and smooth is choosing a natural bar soap which is environment-friendly and also safe for your skin.

Biotique, a leading Ayurvedic skincare brand, offers 4 nourishing body soaps which are 100% natural and organic to thoroughly cleanse your skin –
  1. Bio Basil & Parsley soap : One of the very popular Biotique soaps, this one is rich in pure basil, parsley, margosa and other natural ingredients which help revitalize your skin while washing away impurities and making way to soft, smooth skin.
  2. Bio Himalayan Plum soap : Rich in pure fruit and vegetable extracts, Bio Himalayan Plum gently cleanses your skin without disturbing the natural pH balance of the skin. With regular use, you would feel that skin has become soft and smooth.
  3. Bio Almond Oil soap : If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, it is recommended to use Bio Almond oil soap which has the nourishing properties of almond, margosa and coconut oils that nurtures your skin deeply and makes way for a healthier skin.
  4. Bio Orange peel soap : For a refreshing and revitalizing bath time, go for Bio Orange peel soap which has a gentle peeling action that not only cleanses your body gently but also speeds up cell renewal. 
Also, after each shower, make sure you moisturize your skin with a nourishing body lotion like Bio Winter Cherry nourisher which supplies nutrients and moisture, and promote suppleness of the skin. 


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