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Friday, 25 July 2014

How to get Youthful Skin with Ayurveda

Youthful Skin with Ayurveda

Traditional medical science of Ayurveda has been popular among masses for its power to heal and protect. And the power of Ayurveda can also help you get a beautiful, glowing skin naturally.

Ayurveda derived from Sanskrit language is formed using two words – Ayur which means Life and Veda which means knowledge. Therefore, Ayurveda is basically the science of life which has known to do wonders for one and all. And when it comes to achieve a youthful and healthy skin, Ayurveda can help you fight signs of ageing, reduce stress and enhance your natural complexion.

If stress, pollution, long working hours, unhealthy lifestyle and similar factors are making your skin look dull, aged and uneven, it’s time to buy natural beauty products that would help you get back your skin’s natural look.

Top Ayurvedic products in India are made using natural ingredients like Neem, Honey, Apricot, Carrot etc. which are really helpful in clearing blemishes, making skin soft and smooth, and giving skin a visibly fairer look. 

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Cleansing your skin daily with a natural face cleanser like Bio Neem would help remove impurities from the skin, reduce acne and give a natural glow to your skin. You should also moisturize your skin on a daily basis with a natural sunscreen which has a SPF 30 or more to keep you protected from harmful sun rays.

Exfoliating your skin once a week with a herbal scrub is also beneficial for your skin as it rejuvenates and nourishes your skin naturally.

Massaging your face and body on a regular basis with best Ayurvedic products also help in healing the skin from within, relax your mind and leave your skin fresh and radiant.
Along with using herbal beauty products, you should also do Yoga and breathing exercises that stimulate blood circulation to the skin and face, and also bring you inner peace.

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle to be blessed with a fresh mind, body and soul.  


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